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Whether it's for an event, corporate gifting or a brand collaboration, speak with us and we'll see to your request. 

Simply drop us an email at

Below are some of our customised collaboration projects:

1. Far East Floral

The brief was simple and straightforward - design 2 candles: (1) Like a walk in a floral fields and (2) Like camping under the stars. Here's our take:

Versailles - Notes of rose, musk, dandelion, sweet grass and cedar. 

Versailles Candle

Yosemite - Notes of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and bamboo.

Yosemite Candle

2. Calypsoul

Stroll through antique markets lined with pastel-coloured Victorian houses, square gardens blooming with floral and fauna and streets peppered with trendy brunch cafés. The Notting Hill candle celebrated the time of the year where Christmas vibes surround us and where the vibrant London district sparkles with light, life and warmth at the same time. 

 Nine Wicker Ave and Calysoul CandleNine Wicker Ave and Calypsoul Candle

3. Accent

Bloom In The Wild is an exclusive candle made for ACCENT. The candle is a juxtapose of dried leaves and blooms and smells like eternal fall and berries.

Nine Wicker Ave and Accent CandleNine Wicker Ave and Accent Candle

4. Wanderr

Northern Lights is reminiscence of that cold winter night while we waited out under thick chunky sweaters to witness one of the most magical phenomenons in the world. Alas, the colourful lights danced elegantly across the Icelandic sky and suddenly it seems as though the world came to a pause. Specially designed for Wanderr for a Christmas collaboration.